Local Food Fare

Feeding Families Foundation’s Local Food Fare Program provides at least one meal per month from local restaurants to the hematology/oncology and PICU units at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital.

If you are a restaurant that would like to donate food/meals, or if you are someone that would like to sponsor a meal, please contact us!

You provide the food, we pick up and deliver!

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While reaching out to local businesses in the New Haven-area, we met the manager of Eli’s Brick Oven Pizza. He offered to donate food to the entire hematology/oncology floor for patients and staff. The generous offer took us by surprise. A short time later, we coordinated the delivery,and it was a huge hit! Serendipity proved a meaningful ally, and our Local Food Fare Program was born.

While we remain dedicated to transforming the hospital experience for parents staying with their children through our Parent Plate Program, the Local Food Fare Program has been a welcomed change of pace.


Check out what families have said about the Local Food Fare Program:

Hello, my name is Sandy and I am currently at my child’s beside in room 7XX on 7W [hematology/oncology floor]. You know, one of the small rooms without a shower? I think you may know exactly where I am.

I want to thank you with all of my heart for the amazing dinner last night and for starting FFF. Oh my goodness, last night’s dinner was SUCH a treat and so good for my belly and heart.

Our 13 year old son . . . was diagnosed in October with osteosarcoma. We have three kids. I have been the one to stay at Yale while my husband holds down the fort. [My son’s] chemo is always inpatient, ranging from 2.5 to 10 days here in 7W. We are currently here during a chemo break, because he is neutropenic. This is our 4th day, and I don’t expect to leave soon.

I was SO excited to hear about FFF. I have been eating leftovers and side dishes for months, except when we splurge for delivery, which is easily $50 a pop. [My son] has chemo through June, so I will be benefiting first hand from your program.

Sandy, Parent

Hi! We are currently staying in 7W and wanted to thank you for the yummy food last night! Our girl enjoyed the dessert mostly but hey, calories are calories! It’s small joys like having a warm, delicious meal while staying in the hospital that keeps us going as families. So thank you!

Sara, Parent

Local Food Fare Restaurant Partners


Want a Feeding Families Meal Program at your Hospital? Hungry to help end hospital caregiver food insecurity?

Together, we can make an impact in the lives of families caring for their child— one hospital at a time.