Parent Plate Program

At Feeding Families Foundation, we are dedicated to transforming the hospital experience for families with children in the hospital.

Our mission is simple yet impactful:

To ease the financial burden on parents when their child is admitted to the hospital.

The Parent Plate Program” is our flagship initiative, and it is designed to provide support, care, and nourishment to families during their challenging times.

Hospital Provides Meals

Your Child’s Well-Being is Our Priority

We understand that having a child admitted to the hospital is an emotional and stressful experience. It’s a time when families should be focusing on their child’s health and well-being, not worrying about how to afford meals during their stay. That’s where The Parent Plate Program steps in.

Seamless Meal Assistance

Our partnership with children’s hospitals allows us to identify rooms with critically ill pediatric patients. When you call to order a meal for your child to be delivered to the room, you will be able to order a companion meal as well, paid for by Feeding Families Foundation. This is where we stand apart from the rest – we believe in taking a proactive and compassionate approach.

No Financial Proof Required

Unlike many other non-profits, Feeding Families Foundation does not require you to submit financial documentation to prove your need. We firmly believe that, regardless of your financial situation, you deserve the support you need during your child’s hospitalization. Your child’s health is what matters most, and we want to ensure that you have access to nourishing meals without the added stress of forms and paperwork.

Financial Proof Required

Stay by Your Child’s Side

We understand that being with your child during their hospital stay is essential. Our commitment is to have your meals delivered directly to the hospital room, so you don’t have to leave your child’s bedside. We take care of the logistics so that you can focus on what truly matters – your child’s recovery and well-being.

No Cost, No Worries

With Feeding Families Foundation’s Parent Plate Program, there is no cost to you. We want you to have peace of mind knowing that we are here to support you. Let us take care of your family’s nourishment needs while you take care of your child.

Feeding Families Foundation

 At Feeding Families Foundation, we’re more than just a non-profit organization; we’re a compassionate community that understands the challenges you face during this difficult time. “The Parent Plate Program” is our way of standing with you, providing not only meals but also hope and comfort during your child’s hospitalization.

Join us in our mission to make a difference in the lives of families like yours. Together, we can help relieve the financial strain and ensure that you can stay by your child’s side when they need you the most. Welcome to “The Parent Plate Program” – where compassion and care come together to support your family.


Want a Feeding Families Meal Program at your Hospital? Hungry to help end hospital caregiver food insecurity?

Together, we can make an impact in the lives of families caring for their child— one hospital at a time.